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I know your tumblr from Instagram. It doesn't matter who I am. <3


I don’t use tumblr anymore really so maybe contact me some other way?

I miss you.


Who is this??

Considering how horrific I feel (virus, sinusitis and tonsillitis😖😷) I made up for it by looking super fab. amirite?💏
I don't have tumblr. Fuck, you are perfect.


How do you know about my tumblr then? Haha.
And who aaarrreee you???

And the aftermath of a big weekend.
I don't know you, but I believe you're super special super beautiful. I'm sure you have some boyfriend who really appreciates you.


You are gorgeous, you’ve just made my day :)
I don’t understand why people say such lovely things anonymously!

Please post more photos of yourself. kthxbi xxx


When a stranger complements you it’s a lot more difficult to accept, but knowing they noticed something positive about you is a really nice feeling. :)
You make me feel better.

This weekend&#8217;s shenanigans were rad.
Girls just want to have fun.
No pants no problem